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Introduction of SNUH Healthcare System

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Good health is not only a prerequisite for good quality of life but also for one’s competitiveness.

At the SNUH Healthcare System Gangnam Center, we offer customized medical checkup programs tailored to the risk factors and concerns of each individual. With a comprehensive health management system which includes accurate health assessment by the attending physician and the Health Planner and systematic follow-up care, our Center is committed to becoming your lifetime health partner.


Nowadays, public health and disease prevention are directly connected with a nation’s competitiveness. For individuals, maintaining good health has become synonymous with saving money or investing.

To stay healthy, you need to get an accurate assessment of your health condition through a medical checkup. Only after accurately identifying the causes of the disease can you receive adequate treatment at an early stage. Therefore, getting a medical checkup is a smart investment for your health.

Clinical Preventive Services


Health Surveillance System

Health Surveillance Ststem 

Systematic Referral System

  • Quick access to SNUH main hospital or other affiliated hospitals
  • Prompt referral to specialists at SNUH in case abnormal conditions are discovered during the medical checkup
  • Customized second-visit checkup and accurate prescription through consultation with a professional Health Planner
  • Systematic management of risk factors discovered during checkup in order to prevent diseases
  • Adequate follow-up care and treatment in case abnormalities are detected during checkup