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Social Volunteer Corps, OASIS

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OASIS is a social volunteer corps at the SNUH Gangnam Center established in October 2006.

As an oasis in a barren desert serves as life-saving water for crops to grow and thirsty travelers to moisten their dry throats, the Gangnam Center OASIS is committed to giving comfort and hope to the underprivileged and realizing a world where everyone lives in harmony.

Healthcare professionals and staff at SNUH Gangnam Center voluntarily participate in OASIS. On a regular basis, members of OASIS get on the moving vehicle equipped with various medical devices such as X-ray and ultrasonography and visit neighborhoods across the country including Ansan city, Yeongwol-gun county of Gangwon-do province, and Gangnan-gu in Seoul to provide healthcare services to the vulnerable members of the society.

OASIS not only aims to prevent diseases but also to detect disease at the early stage, provide vaccination, and offer health improvement guidelines.

In the spirit of giving, members of OASIS will continue to serve the public by delivering healthcare services to the underprivileged people around us and taking the lead in realizing a world where everyone leads a healthy and happy life.

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