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International Healthcare Team

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International Healthcare Team
Taking the lead in creating new values through differentiated medical infrastructure 


The International Healthcare Team at SNUH Gangnam Center is composed of professors and coordinators who have a wealth of medical knowledge and experience.

Taking the lead in the globalizing the Korean healthcare market, the International Healthcare Team has developed customized health checkup programs for foreigners and delivered standard-setting medical care and services.

With top-class medical staff, cutting-edge medical equipment, comfortable facilities, and coordinators who are armed with language skills, medical knowledge, and customer-service mindset, we continue to provide high-quality, comprehensive care that satisfies our foreign patients.

Foreign patients are particularly content with the advanced screening tools to diagnose cancer and our follow-up system in which patients are immediately referred to SNUH main hospital or other affiliated hospitals when health problems are discovered. Also, our staff including a nurse-turned-English coordinator, Russian coordinator and Chinese coordinator are experienced with putting the foreign patients at ease when receiving our service without having to worry about the language barrier or cultural differences.