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031,000,000 visitors to blog
04Received Award ‘National Brand Award’ by Joongang Economist for three consecutive years
05Participated in KITF(Kazakhstan International Travel Fair)
05Attended Vietnam Tourism Exhibition
06Inauguration of 9th President, Dong-young NOH
07Awarded “2016 the Proud Top Brand in Korea” from KMAC
09Attended the 3rd Anniversary of Yaji Chinese Medicine Check-up Center Opening ceremony
10Hosted the 13th anniversary symposium
03March. Online questionnaire system settled down
04Received Award ‘National Brand Award’ by Joongang Economist for four consecutive years
08Signed MOU with Kazakhstan Actobe regarding check-up center consulting for establishment and operation
10Hosted the 14th anniversary symposium
11Customer Satisfaction Survey by the Korea Consumer Agency, ranked top in three areas
04Received Award ‘National Brand Award for five consecutive years
05Partnership with Korea Hana Foundation for ‘Unification Medical Social Contribution’
09Started the secondary cooperation with Yaji Chinese Medicine Hospital regarding check-up center operating
10Hosted the 15th anniversary symposium
11Awarded Grand prize of 2018 Medical Asia the 11th Korea Global medical service (comprehensive check-up center sector)
122018 Awarded grand prize of Korea Humanity Social Contribution Grand Prize – Public Medical Institution sector
4월 국가브랜드 대상5월 통일의료 봉사사진5월 통일의료 협약사진
04Received Award ‘National Brand Award for six consecutive years
07Inauguration of 10th President, Joo-Sung KIM
08Smart check-up system "Health Pilot" launching
10Partnership with Gangnam-gu for ‘Unification Medical Social Contribution’
10Hosted the 16th Healthcare Symposium
2019브랜드대상 16회 심포지엄