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Medical Equipment

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The Gangnam Center is equipped with cutting-edge digital medical devices including MRI, CT, and PACS.

Utilizing the advanced, automated system of the SNUH Laboratory Medicine department, the Gangnam Center provides accurate diagnosis and analysis of the patient’s health condition and diseases with the state-of-the-art medical equipment.

MRI System
자기공명영상 진단기

One of the safest, most accurate means for examination of the brain, nerves, skeletal system and spine, MRI adds brain vascular and diffusion weight imaging to the basic tests. Thus, with our MRI system it is possible to detect early-stage cancer.

CT System
전산화단층 진단기

The advanced spiral CT system is used for the testing of lung disease, digestive disease, pelvic disease and 3-D sigmoidoscopic imaging. Especially, the 3-D sigmoidoscope uses a special technique that replaces the previous sigmoidoscopy or sigmoidofluoroscopy.

Ultrasound Imaging System

Using ultrasound, this system displays cross-sectional body images on the monitor for observation of vascular flows and the diagnosis of disease. Our center has a cardiac ultrasound system to check for cardiovascular disease.

Endoscopy Video System
운동부하 폐기능검사

This device is used to observe the patient’s throat, stomach, duodenum, and colon to detect early signs of disease. At the Gangnam Center, we do our best to ensure that the patients experience minimal discomfort.

Ultrasound Unit for Temporomandibular
운동부하 폐기능검사

In case of temprormandibular joint(TMJ) pain or trismus, this physiotherapy treatment may be considered an option. This device boosts the blood circulation and relaxes the body muscles by creating heat within the tissues .

이비인후 내시경 진단기

Similar to an endoscope, it uses a camera lens to find diseases in the nose, pharynx and larynx. It is crucial as a means to check for potential lesions.

Digital Mammography
디지털 유방 진단기

As the basic equipment for diagnosing breast cancer, this system uses a digital method to form images instead of the conventional analogue method. The digital images are certificated for safety, excellence and accuracy in imaging. Thus this test is crucial for finding breast disease. Our center provides a comfortable atmosphere for female patients.

Bone Densitometery
골밀도 진단기

The bone densitometer is a non-invasive test used for detecting osteoporosis. The test is safe for the patient and only takes a short time.

Panorama Radiography
치과 파노라마 영상

As a basic part of a complete dental exam, panoramic radiography provides radiographic testing for dental disease. This represents the first time that panoramic radiography has been used in the field of health examinations.


As a basic data for hearing disorders due to aging or noise damage, it is an essential test for the prevention or improvement of hearing loss.

영상의학정보 시스템

PACS is a high-tech medical imaging system using a computer. Thanks to PACS, our center no longer has to maintain films of our patients.

Exercise ECG Test
운동부하 심전도

This system monitors the change in the heart condition while the patient runs on the machine for about 10 minutes. This system is used to diagnose myocardial infarction and angina.


As a valuable non-invasive tool for imaging the heart and surrounding structures, it is very helpful in establishing a specific diagnosis and estimating the severity of various cardiac diseases.

C-ARM for Musculoskeletal Examination
근골격 검사장비

A C-ARM machine is specialized x-ray imaging equipment used to monitor the bones and the joints. This machine is used to examine the bone structure from different angles or check if the closed reduction of a fractured bone was performed well. Since real-time monitoring is possible, it is also used for clinical diagnosis purposes.

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